Ultimate Customer Experience

Ultimate Customer Experience

Hear from Steve Culver, Vice President and CIO,
on how technology is the enabler at your campus store.

Enhancing our in-store and online technology continues to fuel our commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

We just completed one of the largest technology initiatives in our company’s history with the roll out of our new point-of-sale (POS) system. Your campus store now has the fastest checkout times of any college retailer and can be fully integrated with your financial aid and campus debit card systems. Incorporating the latest online retail best practices, we also refreshed your campus bookstore’s eCommerce site, putting your school’s brand front and center.

Our mobile POS pilot also expanded this year, enabling students to purchase more easily beyond the four walls of your campus bookstore. Booksellers at these pilot stores are now armed with our mobile POS devices, allowing your students to shop right at your athletic events, college fairs and other high traffic locations.

We will expand our mobile shopping pilot to more schools this year, enabling students to easily make purchases from their iPhone, BlackBerry or any type of tablet. Our mission to push the technology envelope will touch every system, from a new LMS NOOK Study building block to our Student Financial Aid real-time interface.