Campus Connections

Campus Connections

Learn how we are using social media to connect with freshmen at Louisiana State University.

We have built a true dialogue between your students and the bookstore, using the communication channels that resonate deeply with them. In fact, our social media strategies have led to explosive growth over the past year, both online and in-store:

  • 500,000 Facebook fans
  • $4M in social commerce

We’re also using email as an effective attention-grabber. Last year we launched more than 100 email marketing campaigns to students, parents, faculty and alumni promoting merchandise, textbook options, bookstore events and more. And, our emails garnered an open rate of 16 percent, far exceeding the standard retail-consumer open rate of five percent.

Thanks to the implementation of a significant promotional strategy and heavy investments in multi-channel marketing, everyone on your campus is interacting with your bookstore in new and meaningful ways. And, we will engage even more deeply with your students as we roll out our Igniting the Freshmen Connection program, celebrating their achievements while building loyalty to your school and driving sales at your campus bookstore.