At Barnes & Noble, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to protecting the environment. We know our students are concerned, as well. We work with each of our college partners to integrate our practices into their own programs and philosophy, and we support our students’ commitment through a variety of in-store, on-campus, and Home Office initiatives.

Green Stores

We are committed stewards of the environment. Whether we’re renovating an existing store or building a new one, we work closely with our college partners to fulfill their green goals and vision. Our experienced architects can help design LEED-certified buildings. For building interiors, we work with manufacturers to recycle old fixtures and construction debris.

Green Products

There’s no doubt that students are taking the lead when it comes to sustainable thinking. They are also setting trends with sustainable merchandise. To keep up with evolving student needs and tastes, we’ve made our stores into a campus-wide resource for eco-friendly goods. We work with vendors who are committed to fair trade, ethical labor practices, and sustainability, and we customize our offerings to your specific campus preferences. Our broad, practical selection of merchandise includes reusable travel mugs, CFL light bulbs, recycled notebooks, sustainable spirit clothing and merchandise, recycled-reusable tote bags and organic food and snacks.

Green at Home

For Barnes & Noble College, sustainability begins at home. In an ongoing initiative to reduce the volume of paper that we generate at our home office in Basking Ridge, N.J., we use an online reporting tool that eliminates the need to print and circulate monthly P&L and merchandise reports. We also have paperless invoicing in place with several vendors and have wire payment arrangements with both vendors and colleges to reduce the need to generate printed checks and envelopes.