Trendsetting Fall Fashions on Campus

July 05, 2011

While it may be hard to think about back-to-school fashions while the mercury is on the rise, it’s not too early to plan on updating your fall wardrobe with some new fashions you’ll find in Barnes & Noble College’s bookstores this August. This fall, our bookstores will be stocked with a new assortment of outstanding products and services, including three of the hottest trends in campus retail: crochet t-shirts, fitted women’s crew neck sweatshirts, and cropped leggings.

Not Your Boyfriend’s Sweatshirt

Female collegians will be choosing fitted women’s crew neck sweatshirts over the more conventional unisex hoods this fall. The women’s crewneck sweatshirt is more comfortable under a hooded zip-up or jacket ─ a better choice for layering then a bulky unisex hood. The crewneck also appeals because it has a more fitted and tighter feminine silhouette. Collegians recognize that this silhouette has it all; perfect for layering, and as comfortable as a hoody.

Not Your Grandmother’s Doily

Once the bane of craft fairs and doilies, crochet is shedding its homespun image and becoming chic. Recent and fashionable applications of lace paved the way for this fabric, but you can also credit influential fashion houses like Chanel® and Issey Miyake for the notable transformation. Jones & Mitchell has spun its wearable web around the best college sportswear in “Campus Crochet,” a must-try style on the Forever Tee.

Cropped Leggings

If you already live in your soft, cottony leggings, this is the trend for you. Fitted cropped yoga pants and leggings will remain a strong trend throughout the fall. The versatile, stretchy, slim-fit cropped look pairs perfectly with t-shirts, sweaters and dresses. The look is both stylish and oh so comfortable.

So, “fall” into the latest back-to-school fashions and check out your bookstore’s latest fashion looks.

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