Top Five Higher Ed Tech Trends for 2012

January 23, 2012

Digital ReadingA new year has begun, but what are education technology experts saying will be the top five higher education trends in 2012? Washington, DC-based Gilfus Education Group has released its annual list of the top five trends in education innovation for 2012 and three of those trends focus on higher education technologies:

  • Prestigious institutions will launch online experiences designed to be as unique as those available to students on campus
  • “Dynamic and flexible learning experience engines” will emerge to replace learning management systems (LMS)
  • Tablets will surge as a means of delivering courses and e-learning media.

“I think 2012 will see an expansion of a variety of ways of getting access to the materials that students need for learning,” said Karen Cator, the United States Department of Education’s director of technology. Some of these trends are not new to colleges and universities, but they are becoming much more visible and embedded in the higher education experience, including:

  1. E-Textbooks in 2012– Frank Ganis, a general partner at Gilfus, said he believes 2012 will be a banner year for digital textbooks on college and university campuses.
  2. Open Resources – The California Senate is currently considering a bill that would push schools toward using open education resources in the form of free online textbooks for the state’s 3 million college students as a means of saving them money.
  3. The Online Classroom – Textbooks won’t be the only educational resource that we will see online in 2012. Online classrooms will continue to grow in popularity.
  4. Mobile Devices– Mobile devices will continue to grow on college and university campuses as more and more students access online lectures and other learning resources with their smartphones or tablets.
  5. Campuses Move to the Cloud – With so many resources and learning opportunities moving online, and pressed by the need to reduce IT infrastructure costs, more and more campuses will take advantage of the benefits provided by cloud technologies.

Read the Gilfus Education Group report in its entirety for more information.