The New NOOK Simple Touch Reader

June 14, 2011

William J. Lynch, Jr., CEO Barnes & Noble, Inc. showing the new NOOK Simple Touch

Digital readers just got a little more exciting with the introduction of the new NOOK Simple Touch Reader.

The NOOK Simple Touch Reader is Barnes & Noble’s most recent innovation in the realm of eReader technology, which also includes NOOK Color and the NOOK Study eTextbook reader and study platform.  The Simple Touch, which costs $139, has many of the most sought after features in the digital reading marketplace including:

  • Easy-to-use 6” touchscreen — Turn pages, look up words, highlight passages, and adjust the font size and style all with just a touch of your finger.
  • Most advanced E-Ink Pearl display — Crisp black & white screen can be viewed in bright sun.
  • Longest battery life of any eReader — Read up to two months on just one charge.
  • Ultra-light and thin — Under 8 ounces, yet holds up to 1,000 books, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Largest bookstore — Over 2 million titles including books, magazines & newspapers.

“We set out to design the easiest-to-use, most optimized, dedicated reading device ever created and accomplished it with the All-New NOOK,” said William Lynch, Chief Executive Officer of Barnes & Noble. “Touch makes it simple to use, and the beautifully compact design makes it the most portable eReader in its class.”

Easy to Use and Navigate

The Nook Simple Touch is easy to use and navigate and, in most instances, only requires a single touch to call up different functions or libraries. Technology reporters and bloggers immediately noted the innovative features of the Simple Touch. Gizmodo called it “The eReader you want.” And PC Magazine rated it an Editor’s Choice for ebook readers.

The Simple Touch will also support Nook Friends, a reading social media platform that allows readers to offer reading lists, recommendations, and borrow and share books. Barnes & Noble is also launching, a “lifetime” online account/library that includes a customer’s entire e-book collection. The device also supports PubIt!, Barnes & Noble’s self publishing application, and can be used to download library books.

The NOOK Simple Touch went on sale on June 10. For more information on the NOOK Simple Touch eReader, visit