The Mobile Lives of College Students

September 23, 2016


Growing up with technology at their fingertips, today’s college students are “All Technology — All the Time.” Generation Z (Gen Z) is not only the first mobile generation entering college, but these students are practically mobile only. They’re using mobile apps for everything from gaming to making purchases to keeping track of their hectic schedules. According to the Barnes & Noble College Mobile App Survey, 56 percent of freshmen had a retail mobile app on their phones—and of those students, 35 percent said they use their retail mobile apps often.


The rapid growth of Smartphone and tablet sales has been the driving force behind the mobile market as more customers have come to appreciate the convenience and immediacy of using apps for practically everything. And that has, itself, generated a whole new way for retailers to interact with and reach customers—and for Gen Zs—it’s all in the palms of their hands.


Source: Barnes & Noble College | College Insights | Mobile App Survey



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