Textbook Rental Program

Textbook Rental Program

Rental Fall2014When you partner with Barnes & Noble College, you can be assured that your students will choose their campus store as their first choice for renting their textbooks, keeping valuable revenue on your campus. We deliver on our top priority of providing students affordable textbook solutions and savings with no confusion or hassles.

As their trusted partner, your students not only will be able to choose from our industry-leading inventory of rental titles (80% of listed titles) and save up to 50 percent off the cost of a new, printed textbook, they also will have access to and receive the exact rental textbook specified by their professor because it will always be in stock, along with a no-nonsense return deadlines via email. And best of all, Barnes & Noble College’s flexible textbook rental program has saved students nearly $1 billion since the program began in 2010.

Keeping Sales on Campus

And students aren’t the only ones who benefit. Textbook rentals help keep valuable textbook dollars on campus. Many of our campus partners accept a variety of payment methods for online and in-store rentals, including campus debit cards and student financial aid, making payments easy for everyone involved.