Infographic: Are Students Prepared for the Workplace?

April 14, 2017


Millennials are expected to comprise half of the workforce by 2020 — the largest labor pool in U.S. history — but are colleges and universities preparing students to meet the needs of a rapidly changing workplace? Recently, Barnes & Noble College Insightssm asked students how prepared they feel they are to enter the workforce, what resources have helped them with career planning and how early they think they should start preparing for their own careers (hint, it’s a lot sooner than you think).


As this generation prepares for its future, studies have shown that one of the most important factors in choosing a college or university is a school’s reputation for job placement after graduation. For this reason, it’s important for colleges and universities to understand more about their current and future students’ perceptions and motivators to successfully prepare graduates with the skills and experience they need to be workforce-ready.





To download a PDF of this infographic, click here.



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