Student Financial Aid


See how we are delivering affordable textbook solutions at Wayne State University.

As part of our commitment to Advanced Technology, we provide a sophisticated, proprietary Student Financial Aid (SFA) platform that leverages cutting-edge technology to simplify the management of financial aid transactions — making it simple for students to get the materials they need and easy for administrators to work with us.

Our customized solution works seamlessly with all financial aid systems and all types of financial aid, including Pell, Federal, VA, and school aid. In fact, our SFA solution saves tremendous time for financial aid offices since no one needs to manually enter financial aid data or rectify errors.

Every term, financial aid offices spend countless hours managing financial aid funds for bookstore purchases. The process is arduous and time consuming for administrators and impacts students who must wait for their aid to be processed before they can purchase their needed books and materials. Our SFA solution eliminates the hassle and inconvenience of the financial aid process for both students and administrators.