States Pursue New Textbook Legislation

January 13, 2011

State LegislatureAs we embark upon a new year, a number of states are exploring legislation directed at textbook affordability (see below). Barnes & Noble is committed to finding ways to make textbooks more affordable and to offering students the widest array of lower-cost options. We continue to actively support legislative activities at the state and federal level and, as members of the NACS Government Affairs Committee, we back legislative activities that will keep textbooks affordable while not jeopardizing academic freedom.

Pre-filed State Bills

MississippiMississippi House Bill 158 (Post-Secondary Textbook Pricing and Access Act of 2011)

Outlines numerous requirements for publishers, public institutions, faculty, and stores in an effort to address textbook affordability. The bill is almost identical to House Bill 257 and Senate Bill 2066 introduced in the last session. HB 158 status updates and full text

New YorkNew York Senate Bill 557

Authorizes the state and city university systems to each appoint a 12-person academic review board (consisting solely of faculty members) to “serve as an interface between the publishing industry and the management of the independent bookstores.” The boards are charged with creating cost-control policies for the on-campus sale of textbooks. New York has not yet updated its legislative web site with direct links to 2011 prefilings. To access the full text of SB 557, go to the Senate’s bill search engine at Select 2011 from the drop-down menu and enter S557 in the search field.

TexasTexas House Bill 455

Would waive sales taxes on books bought by college and university students during a four-week period at the start of each semester. The bill is similar to SB 52 but has a longer waiver period. HB 455 status updates and full text

Source: NACS Campus Marketplace Newsletter