Café Choices

Café Choices

Café ChoicesOur partnership with Starbucks helps enhance visibility and brings one of the most sought-out brands straight to your campus doorstep. We offer two options to bring the popular Starbuck’s café experience to students.

A comfortable café inside your store

Our welcoming, in-store cafés quickly become campus gathering spots and destinations where students come to relax, study and browse through books while enjoying their favorite espresso, latte or snack. We also work with local vendors to develop appetizing menus of soups, sandwiches, pastries and other items to appeal to local tastes.

Coffee goes great with books

If an in-store café doesn’t fit the bill, we’ll deliver a café or beverage kiosk that will ensure the same convenience and exceptional Starbucks products are available at your campus bookstore. If a simple coffee cart is what you need, our highly efficient JCX concept from Java City will fit the bill.