Retail Expertise

Retail Expertise

Turning Trends into Sales

Today’s campus store is an integral part of the college experience, serving as a vibrant community destination where students can gather to study, grab a quick cup of coffee, buy the latest products and apparel, and much more. By staying on top of the latest trends, we make sure that your students, faculty and alumni always find the right products, merchandise and apparel – customized to their unique preferences – that power your brand and drive revenue to your school.

National Expertise, Local Buying Power

Your store managers are empowered to make purchasing decisions at the local level. By combining our national retail expertise and trend research with local student and faculty insight gathered on your campus, your store manager selects the right product mix and merchandising strategy that is customized to fit your school’s unique characteristics.

By combining national research with local expertise, we ensure that your students, faculty and alumni always get the products they want and need.