Remote Cash for Books Program Delivers Convenience and Money to Students

May 12, 2011

Cash For Books LogoBarnes & Noble College’s innovative and convenient Remote Cash for Books program makes selling used textbooks easier than ever.

We Bring the Bookstore to You

Students love getting fast cash for their used textbooks at the end of each term. Not only does it put needed money back into their pockets, but it also helps their fellow students save money by providing an ample supply of used textbooks for next term. Our Remote Cash for Books program offers an added measure of convenience by bringing the transaction outside the four walls of the bookstore.

Offsite Temporary Locations

At more than 130 campuses across the country, students can sell their used textbooks back to the campus bookstore at a variety of temporary locations including classrooms, dorms, and student union buildings. Especially during finals, when students’ lives are more hectic, this streamlined process gives them one less thing to worry about.

“Students love the program,” said Cecilia Brooks, bookstore manager for Barnes & Noble at Mississippi State University. “Since our bookstore is on the edge of campus, we set up in several remote locations that are more convenient for our students. Not only do we help the students make money off of their used books, we end up with a good supply of used textbooks for next semester.”

While students can sell their textbooks back at any time, the best time is at the end of the term during finals week. And, they can sell their textbooks back to the bookstore regardless of where they were purchased.

Prices paid for books vary depending on whether the instructor is using the same textbook next term and the total quantity of books needed. Students can see if their textbook is being used next term by visiting their campus bookstore website or