Reinventing Campus Convenience with Recharge U

January 30, 2012

Florida International University Recharge U


Students spend more than $11 billion on food each year, but their tastes have expanded far beyond a cup of Ramen noodles and a bag of chips. When it’s time for them to recharge, Barnes & Noble College has the answer. As a recognized leader in the evolving world of convenience and café management, we’ve developed a buzz-worthy new approach to providing students with a more robust convenience experience on campus — Recharge U.

“Today’s students spend an average of $23 a week at a variety of places for a quick bite to eat and other convenience items,” said Lisa Shapiro, Director, Café & Convenience for Barnes & Noble College. “It can be difficult for students to stick to a standard meal time, so convenience is paramount. Recharge U is the perfect solution for that busy lifestyle.”

Convenience Built Expressly For Your Students

FIU Bookstore ConvenienceRecharge U is a stand-alone convenience store recently introduced at a handful of our larger campuses, including Florida International University (FIU) and Rice University. Built for your students, Recharge U includes the products that fit their particular lifestyle. Students can choose from a wide selection of fresh and packaged foods and drinks, including premium hot coffees and teas, organic and natural offerings, energy snacks, tasty ethnic fare and more. But it’s about much more than just food; our Recharge U stores also include:

  • Enticing, frequently rotating items – food, beverage, health & beauty products and more – all at a great price.
  • Digital TV screens that broadcast special deals, students’ favorite programs, new items and the day’s events on stations like CNN or MTV.
  • Special events banners that change frequently throughout the year and point out special deals and items related to those events.
  • School colors and logo used as accents to personalize your store and bring in school spirit.
  • A Quick Fix station providing an array of condiments for customizing a quick snack or beverage.

Recharge U serves the needs of students’ increasingly hectic lifestyles and gives them the opportunity to grab a healthful and more substantial snack on the go. It’s been an immediate success on campuses where it’s been piloted and Barnes & Noble is exploring offering the program to other large campus communities.

In-Store Convenience Concept to Fit Your School

Emory convenienceWe also have a customizable convenience concept for mid-to-smaller campuses as well. Located within the four walls of the existing bookstore, we offer beverages, fresh and freshly prepared foods, grab-and-go options, and a growing list of choices like gluten-free, organic, and international foods – all tailored to fit the size and tastes of each campus.

We also have regular in-store product sample stations set up from an array of food and beverage vendors – offering students free samples of the snacks, drinks and foods they love most.

So, whether students are seeking some tasty fare or a quick pick me up before study group, we satisfy their cravings with the right products at the right price with our convenience offerings.

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