Registration Integration: Advanced Technology That Delivers Convenience and Sales

July 11, 2011

Gone are the days when college students had to stand on long lines to register for classes and then take their print-out of courses to the campus bookstore to find the right textbook for each class. Now that students can register online, Barnes & Noble College’s Registration Integration (RI) makes ordering textbooks a one-click easy process.

What is Registration Integration?

This innovative technology system that integrates a bookstore’s textbook information with the school’s online course registration system. Students click a link from the school’s registration site to view detailed information about every textbook requested by their professors. From this page, they can instantly purchase the books they need for the upcoming term.

Why It’s Good for Students

Registration Integration gives students a new level of convenience plus the solid assurance that they’re buying the right book for the right course. That’s because Registration Integration merges students’ course information with the adoption information received from faculty members. And students have the same textbook options they would find in the campus bookstore. Students can order new, used, digital, or rental textbooks, when available, and place the order for delivery or campus pick up.

Success Story

At Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), Registration Integration has had a dramatic impact on how students purchase their textbooks. In two years, ENMU increased its Registration Integration conversion rate to 13.26% with average textbook purchases increasing by over $10 per order. As further indication of Registration Integration’s popularity among students, last year ENMU recorded a 383% increase in textbook purchases originating from the Registration Integration link!

HEOA Compliant

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) mandated that as of July 2010, all schools must provide students with access to detailed book lists for each class, including ISBNs and pricing information. Registration Integration is one of the most effective ways to help meet this requirement because it provides this textbook information to students at the same time they register for their courses.

Bringing RI to your Campus

Launching Registration Integration on your campus is not complicated and it’s been successfully integrated into almost every known registration system, including smaller proprietary systems. Over 200 of our colleges and universities have already launched Registration Integration on their campuses.

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