Preparing for the Workforce

October 14, 2016


The number one reason non-traditional students enroll in college is career preparation — in the classroom and beyond. Career support resources are a priority for them, but many feel like they could use more help from their schools. According to Barnes & Noble College’s Achieving Success for Non-Traditional Students report, 72% of non-traditional students consider career counseling an important service.


Specifically, non-traditional students are interested in getting help with developing skills to get hired, finding and applying for jobs, understanding the job market, and networking. This represents a need consistent across the entire undergraduate population. Research shows that students are waiting too long to prepare for careers, and there’s a gap between their skill sets and what employers expect. As post-college job placement rates become central to prospective students, this type of deficit can impact recruitment. Improving and expanding career services — or finding ways to engage students more meaningfully with existing services — will only become more important for schools in the coming years.


To download a copy of the new Achieving Success for Non-Traditional Students report, click here.



Source: Barnes & Noble College | College Insights | Achieving Success for Non-Traditional Students



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