NOOK Study™ is the Coolest Digital Study Tool Around

August 22, 2011

According to NBC’s Today Show, NOOK Study is an essential back-to-school tool that students should consider when heading back to college – and may be the “coolest digital study tool around.”

The Today Show compiled a list of ten back-to-school tech survival tips that are important to keep in mind when shopping for college technology necessities. Included in the list is Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Study, the free eTextbook reading application for PC and Mac.

“Barnes & Noble may well have the coolest digital study tool around. Seriously, this free eTextbook application for PC and Mac lets you not only get books digitally, but organize coursework, compile syllabi and other documents, take notes, print, export and go online for related research. While the same warning about Amazon’s textbook rental program applies here — that your particular study materials might not be available — it’s certainly worth the $0.00 price to check it out, and the other features may end up being useful on their own.”

─ Wilson Rothman, Deputy Technology & Science Editor at

Study Smarter, Not Harder with NOOK Study

NOOK Study’s innovative features include the ability to search across multiple texts, access different books simultaneously, take and share notes, highlight information, and download course content into folders. Our industry-leading eTextbook reader was built with student and faculty input to ensure it had the features and flexibility they both wanted. As a result, NOOK Study was downloaded more than one million times on 5,000 campuses in just ten months!

NOOK Study helps you to:

  • Organize all of your class materials so when it’s time to prep for your next exam, everything is one click away.
  • Study on the go because all your notes and textbooks are on your laptop, letting you study on the go with no heavy books to carry.
  • Streamline paper-writing — highlight, tag notes, add references, copy and paste — all straight from your eTextbook.

Cost Savings for Students

Going digital can also mean saving money. Digital books can save students up to 60% over a new, printed textbook. With its popularity growing, eTextbook sales increased by an astounding 3000% in 2011. Plus, NOOK Study is a free download that will work on computers that students already own (PC and Mac). No extra costs or new equipment is needed.

Learn more about the great features, upgrades, and benefits of NOOK Study and download the free application at or contact your Barnes & Noble College bookstore manager.