For Non-Traditional Students, Flexibility is Important

October 21, 2016



Both traditional and non-traditional students still prefer in-person courses to those taught online. However, non-traditional students are more likely to have taken an online class than traditional students — 42% took at least one class online just in the last semester. And, the non-traditional students who are taking online courses are more likely to prefer them than traditional students. Why? Factors like convenience, transportation and comfort — are all vital considerations for anyone juggling their education and multiple off-campus responsibilities.


According to the Barnes & Noble College Achieving Success for Non-Traditional Students report, 69% of non-traditional students said the ability to take courses online is important. Access to education, while managing hectic and sometimes stressful lives, can make all the difference for non-traditional students achieving their educational goals. Said one junior, non-traditional student who participated in the survey, “Education is the one thing people can’t take away from me. If I have that, my possibilities are endless.”


To download a copy of the new Achieving Success for Non-Traditional Students report, click here.


Source: Barnes & Noble College | College Insights | Achieving Success for Non-Traditional Students



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