New Student Orientation Goes Digital

May 04, 2011

It Starts Here Orientation KitIt Starts Here

It seems that everything is going digital these days – including Barnes & Noble College’s Student Orientation Folder. These brand new online orientation materials will hit schools in late spring, just in time for new student orientations for the fall term.

“This is where everything is headed,” said Shanin Molinaro, Director of Consumer and Interactive Marketing. “More and more, digital delivery is where our customers’ preferences lie, and it’s also globally responsible. It just makes sense.”

Greener Option

During upcoming orientation events, students will be handed a 5×7 inch card listing highlights from the Orientation Folders plus the URL that allows them to log on and access the digital content. Although a print version will still be available, we’re encouraging our bookstores to use the digital version as a “greener” alternative, which will reduce waste and provide a smart, online, 24/7 solution. The printed orientation materials will also include the URL so students have the option of using the online version, if desired. Students can also connect to the digital orientation materials from each bookstore’s Facebook page.

Benefits of Online

The online orientation folders will be availble throughout the year, so students can reference the information any time. Included in the folders is information on:

  • Textbooks Your Way– Information on rentals, eTextbooks, new, and used textbooks.
  • Rentals – Information on the textbook rental program.
  • NOOK Study™ – Information on our must-have eTextbook reader and study application for PC and Mac.
  • Cash for Books– Information on our Cash for Books program (BuyBack).
  • Bookstore Essentials – What our campus bookstores offer: dorm must-haves, tech, trend, snacks & beverages, official gear, and supplies.
  • Coupon – Discount coupon for the bookstore.
  • Links – Helpful instant download links.

Barnes & Noble College is always looking for ways to provide superior products and services to the campuses we serve. We’re not just a bookstore – we’re a support system. Check out the online Orientation Folder by visiting