Monday Morning Money Back

October 16, 2013


For many fans, college football is more than just a sport – it’s a valued and cherished staple of American culture. From tailgating to face painting to chanting the school’s fight song, the college football experience fosters a strong sense of school spirit – and collegiate apparel offers dedicated fans an opportunity to showcase their love for the sport. Barnes & Noble College’s Monday Morning Money Back program supports that team pride by providing in-store discounts to students when their team wins.

Through the discount program, students can receive anywhere from 10 to 25 percent off the in-store purchase of one piece of apparel if their team records a win in the previous week. The discount rate is tied to the point spread between the winning and losing team’s point totals. If the team wins by 1 to 10 points, students receive 10 percent off. Each additional point over a 10-point difference earns an additional percent off in-store, up to 25 percent. “We’ve been running this program for several years,” says Shannon Albers, Online Marketing Project Manager for Barnes & Noble College. “And it’s a fun way for students to follow their football team and show their school spirit by purchasing school-branded apparel.”

Sample email that students receive on Monday morning after a team win.
Sample email that students receive on Monday morning after a team win.

Building In-Store Excitement

Fifty Barnes & Noble College campus bookstores, including Texas A&M, Ohio State and Clemson, currently participate in the Monday Morning Money Back program. The seasonal promotion is in its sixth year and is communicated to students through a variety of different channels. Participating bookstores utilize in-store marketing to advertise the discount if their school’s team wins and promote through the bookstore’s Facebook page as well. Students, staff and alumni who have opted into the program receive an email on Monday morning letting them know their team has won and the discount they can receive in-store that day.

“Students are pretty excited when their team wins, so these emails are like an added bonus,” Albers explains. “The emails are a great way to really help drive traffic to the bookstore – and promote school spirit at the same time.”

If Your Team Wins, You Save

Augustana College, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has participated in Monday Morning Money Back for the past five years. Augustana Bookstore Manager Janine Haslach says the program has become an exciting part of the football program. When the Vikings football team record a win by more than 20 points, students line up at the door to take advantage of the discount. “Students and faculty stop in on Monday morning just to make sure they aren’t missing out. They want to confirm that their team won and what the percentage discount will be,” Haslach explains.

The program has become so popular at Augustana that the college’s athletics department will make an announcement at the end of a winning game, letting fans know to go to the bookstore on Monday and receive their discount. Campus tour guides also promote the program year-round as they guide visitors around campus. “The freshmen have really caught on to this, too. They love it!” Haslach says. “There are times when we see the same student in the store three or four times that day because they keep bringing back different friends to take advantage of the promotion. It’s a win-win for everyone!”