Is College Still Worth It? Gen Z Says Yes.

August 12, 2016


Research shows that each generation sees more value in a college education than the one before, and Generation Z is no exception. According to recent Barnes & Noble College research of current middle and high school students from across the country, more than 89 percent of respondents rated a college education as valuable. For them, college is seen as the pathway to a good job.


A sincere love of learning is also a major characteristic of the Gen Z generation. Respondents indicated they thrive when challenged and allowed to be more fully engaged in their education. It’s an ambition they hope for and aspire to as they anticipate their college experience. We predict those natural attributes will lead them to the college campus where their uniqueness and quest for knowledge will present new challenges and opportunities for both educators and administrators.


To learn more about this important college demographic, download a copy of Getting to Know Gen Z – Exploring Middle and High Schooler’s Expectations for Higher Education, here.


Source:  Barnes & Noble College | College Insights | Getting to Know Gen Z – Exploring Middle and High Schoolers’ Expectations for Higher Education


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