Faculty Sound Off About NOOKstudy

January 06, 2011

NOOKstudy Screen CaptureSince its launch late last summer, NOOKstudy™, Barnes & Noble’s free eTextbook reader and study platform has taken US campuses by storm. Students and faculty alike are embracing this feature-rich application which lets users consolidate their eTextbooks, course notes, and materials in one place so their digital library goes where ever they go.

Following NOOKstudy’s recent integration with  Blackboard Learn™ (V 8.0 and higher), campuses across the nation have launched this free building block giving faculty more tools for connecting with their students. Susan Stites-Doe, Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of Management at the College at Brockport, is one of the many faculty members who recently commented on the NOOKstudy-Blackboard Learn integration:

“NOOKstudy can be seamlessly integrated with Blackboard in a way that allows faculty to link course announcements with chapter materials and outside web links.  What this means is that we capture students’ attention more fully and immediately and minimize the number of clicks that it takes to get to the learning material.  That’s just what we want.”

Because NOOKstudy delivers a more enhanced and robust studying experience, many faculty members report their students are more prepared for class and exams. Watch our video to learn more about NOOKstudy, and hear what Professors Marty Lawlor and Nick Francesco, both at Rochester Institute of Technology, have to say about their experiences using NOOKstudy.

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