Effective Retail Drives College Revenue and Affordability

White Paper: Proactive financial leaders find solutions in renewed collegiate retail

March 07, 2019

Enrollment, Revenue and Student Savings

College business officers are in a bind. Dire enrollment forecasts are creating pressure to increase college revenue sources. Yet, calls for greater affordability have prompted many institutions to freeze tuition or offer discounts. This interferes with one of the higher education’s top income sources: the tuition each student pays to attend a college or university.  


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Seventy-five percent of surveyed collegiate chief business officers said that tuition discounts are unsustainable. Yet public outcry over college affordability persists. Student debt topped 1.5 trillion in 2018, according to the Saint Louis Federal Reserve 


University leaders are under tremendous pressure to find creative ways to reduce the total cost of attending college.  


The college retail solution 


Proactive university leaders have discovered a solution in effective retail partnerships. With the right partnership, optimized collegiate retail hubs have wide-ranging impact on revenue and student savings.  


The white paper Collegiate Retail: The Future of Enrollment, Revenue and Student Savings addresses the problem head on. Discover: 


  1. Details of the challenges facing contemporary higher education leaders  
  2. Analyses of how two schools with distinct profiles but similar financial challenges successfully optimized campus retail  
  3. The qualities college leaders should seek in an effective retail partner 


Solve higher education’s most crippling financial paradox: the need to lower student costs while boosting college revenue 


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