Delgado Community College Celebrates 90 Years

September 28, 2011

Delgado Community College has a lot to celebrate. As Louisiana’s oldest and largest community college, the 2-year college will be celebrating the 90th anniversary of its founding. Since its doors opened in 1921, Delgado has been the community’s college, educating generations of men and women in the state of Louisiana.


Honor the Past – Celebrate the Future

Throughout the year, a series of events and projects are planned to honor the school for its many contributions to the education and training of thousands of Louisianians. Events include a Family Reunion Picnic, a gala celebration, and a series of cultural activities involving Delgado’s Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, and Music departments designed to showcase students’ contributions and connections to Delgado.

College Bookstore Helps Celebrates 90 Years

Barnes & Noble College has been managing the Delgado Community College Bookstore since 2001. To help celebrate the school’s anniversary, the bookstore has been offering commemorative t-shirts, coffee mugs, travel mugs, picture frames, and commemorative bags. The anniversary items have been very popular – many items have already sold out.

“We’re proud to be part of Delgado’s 90th anniversary and thrilled to help celebrate our school’s wonderful history,” said Bob Fitzsimmons, manager Delgado Community College bookstore. “The commemorative memorabilia has been a big hit with both students and alumni. We’ve already sold out of the ceramic coffee mugs and we have just placed a reorder for the t-shirts, as they sold quite well.”

Originally founded as a trade school for boys, the Delgado student body has evolved to include men and women of all ages who are as diverse as the city of New Orleans, itself. Today, Delgado enrolls approximately 19,000 students. With eight locations, Delgado is proud to serve students throughout a 10-parish region as a center for professional and advanced technology career education, academic pre-baccalaureate education, and traditional occupational training.

Barnes & Noble has proudly managed the Delgado Community College bookstore for ten years. We operate more than 630 campus bookstores across the United States for such prestigious institutions as Harvard, Indiana State University, Tidewater Community College, and Northern Virginia Community College, including ten in the state of Louisiana.

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