College Students Like to Snack, but it’s Not All Bad

August 26, 2016


With discretionary income among college students expected to reach $163 billion, students possess a lot of purchasing power—and that includes snacks. According to Barnes & Noble College’s Snack Attack report, a nationwide survey of college students on their snacking habits and preferences, 70 percent of students eat multiple snacks in a day. That’s a lot of chips and granola bars!


Close to 1,000 students participated in the survey, yielding a number of insights—both expected and unexpected. The food category continues to lead the way in spending, accounting for $51.8 billion. Surprisingly, a nutritious option proved to be the most popular snack among any category: fresh fruit. When looking for a nutritious pick-me-up, 79 percent of students would reach for a piece of fruit, while a pre-packaged nutritious option, such as a granola bar or protein bar, ranked second at 60 percent. So, maybe we can’t blame the Freshmen Fifteen on snacking afterall.


Source: Barnes & Noble College | College Insights | Snack Attack



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