College Students Connect on Social Networking Sites For Coursework

December 07, 2011

Social MediaCollege students are taking social media to a new level using websites like Facebook to communicate with other students about their coursework, according to a new study by the Educause Center for Applied Research.

Some important findings of the new survey on student technology:

  • Ninety percent of college students say they use Facebook for social purposes, like writing status updates and posting pictures.
  • Fifty-eight percent say they feel comfortable using Facebook to connect with other students to discuss homework assignments and exams.
  • Twenty-five percent of students say they think Facebook is “valuable” or “extremely valuable” to their academic success.

Facebook Not Only Social Networking Site Students Use

Facebook IconFacebook is not the only social networking site that students are using. More than 30 percent of students say they also use sites such as Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Google+. Social studying websites, such as CourseHero and GradeGuru, have also become very popular with students, with almost twenty-five percent reporting that they use these sites for school work. Eleven percent also reported they wish instructors would incorporate these studying sites into the curriculum more often. According to the study, after e-mail, learning-management systems and e-textbooks were the two technologies that students wanted instructors to use more often.

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Read more about this study in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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