Bookstore is the Gameday Headquarters at Mississippi State

March 13, 2012
Mississippi State University
Bulldog fans ring traditional Mississippi State University cow bells.

When Mississippi State University first thought about building a new bookstore, they envisioned an academic superstore that would not only service the students and faculty, but also reach out to the local community and make them feel a part of the campus as well. Mississippi State wanted to make the bookstore a destination for fans, not just a place for students to buy books and school supplies – and Barnes & Noble College fit that match perfectly.

“The great thing about this facility is that it is located right next to the football stadium,” said John David Cole, Student Body President Mississippi State University. “Barnes & Noble totally took that and ran with it. So, this is going to be the gameday headquarters here at Mississippi State.”

Go Bulldogs!

Gamedays are huge events at Mississippi State. Alumni, students and the local community gather on campus to tailgate, attend the football game, and make a day of being on campus. With the bookstore located right outside of the Davis Wade Stadium, it made perfect sense to make it the gameday headquarters on campus. People can stop in and pick up spirit paraphernalia such as t-shirts, pom poms, and the legendary Mississippi State cowbells that are rung at every game.

Barnes & Noble at Mississippi State University[jwplayer mediaid=”2451″]


“We go out to the fan-fare area and we go into the stadium and open up booths – anything to make it more convenient for the fans,” said Bobby Hamous, Regional Manager Barnes & Noble College. “Every hour, we try to have an event planned – a book signing or a free bagel in the café or some type of entertainment such as a band or a choir.”

When a Mississippi “bulldog” comes into the store, they feel at home and part of something special – making their gameday a memorable experience.

“There’s a whole list of events that Barnes & Noble has scheduled almost every hour inside the store from musical activities to book signings to activities that will bring people into the store,” said Ray Hays, VP for Finance and Administration Mississippi State University. “We have a lot of alumni that come back to the campus every weekend, so we’ll have people in the store from early in the morning until late at night.”

Barnes & Noble’s Great Game Plan

Barnes & Noble offers a comprehensive athletics program with the most expansive selection of merchandise and marketing resources needed to get the most out of game season. Our teams of merchandising experts, designers and store planners create flexible and eye-catching stadium stores, kiosks and trailer solutions, as well as integrate athletic offerings into pre-existing concession stands. We also take special “Event Zone” merchandise displays to high-profile away games and locations.

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