Bookstore Brings Chef Ming Tsai to Northeastern University

March 10, 2011

For most college students, cooking typically means microwaving ramen noodles or opening a can of soup. But award-winning Chef Ming Tsai showed a group of Northeastern University (NU) students just how easy it can be to whip up a delicious, healthy meal in minutes using only one pot.

Over 160 students and faculty members attended the event organized by the Northeastern University bookstore, which was held in the state-of-the-art Xhibition Kitchen of Northeastern University. The bookstore and the Xhibition Kitchen have teamed up before, bringing world-renowned Master Chef Jacques Pepin, Chef Martin Yan, and James Beard award-winning chefs Johanne Killeen and George Germon to Northeastern. The space provides students, faculty and staff the opportunity to get up close and personal with award-winning chefs and cookbook authors. To date, the space has hosted almost forty acclaimed authors and chefs.

Simply Ming: One-Pot MealsTsai was on campus to demonstrate recipes from his latest cookbook, Simply Ming: One-Pot Meals, which cleverly fuses Eastern flavors with Western ingredients and presentations. The 80 one-pot recipes can be created quickly and with relatively inexpensive ingredients – the perfect cookbook for today’s busy, cash-strapped and health-minded college student.

“Most kids don’t have a lot of coin,” said Chef Tsai. “So, if you can figure out how to cook some tasty food cheaply in your home, I think that’s a great value. The goal of the cookbook is to get you cooking, not just to replicate what’s in the book.”

“It was really great how accessible all of his meals are – from the ingredients to just cooking in one pot,” praised Stephanie Puma, a senior Behavioral Neuroscience major at Northeastern. “And I really like how inexpensive everything was.”

Tell us what cookbook authors you would like to see on your campus.