Barnes & Noble’s Technology Store: Ahead of the Digital Curve

March 05, 2012
Emory University Tech Store
Emory students "test drive" laptops at the Emory University Bookstore Technology Store.

Today’s generation of college students has been raised with technology. Reared in a technology saturated environment, being digitally connected is an essential and expected part of their everyday lives.

New Concept Built With Students in Mind

The Barnes & Noble College Technology Store is a store within the bookstore, featuring today’s must-have technology products and supplying students with the most innovative and popular gadgets that enhance both their social and learning lives. We’ve introduced new approaches for helping students stay connected – including new merchandising strategies, new vendors, and a new emphasis on including computer hardware on the list of accepted financial aid products.

Tech Store at the Barnes & Noble Santa Clara University bookstore.

During the concept development stage, Barnes and Noble conducted market research with students to clearly understand what they would want in an on-campus technology store – what types of products they’d like to see, what brands matter most, and what experiences would entice them to visit the store again. We even had students choose the final store design from a series of five options.

Designed to create a distinct and welcoming environment, students can explore different models and brands and get hands-on exposure to the equipment they want most. We offer top national brands in laptops, netbooks, notebooks, tablets, headphones, printer supplies and computer accessories, and can customize product offerings based on the needs and preferences of the college or university.

State-of-the-Art Technology Stores

We’ve opened new state-of-the-art technology stores at Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt University, Emory University, New Mexico State University, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University and Indiana University bookstores – each one proving to be an amazing success with students, faculty and the surrounding campus communities.

With a Technology Store incorporated into your campus bookstore, your students will truly have a one-stop shopping experience. From textbooks to merchandise – and now technology – everything a student or faculty member could possibly need, further meeting their needs for a convenient, stress-free and dynamic shopping experience.

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