Barnes & Noble College Keeps it Cool With Ben & Jerry’s Fair Trade Ice Cream

June 10, 2011

Students recently got a sweet surprise when legend-dairy ice cream maker, Ben & Jerry’s® and select Barnes & Noble College bookstores teamed up to provide students with free samples of their Fair Trade ice cream flavors Americone Dream, Cookie Dough and Chocolate Brownie Fudge. This much needed break from finals was a welcomed treat for the hundreds of students.

Delicious Partnership

So, how did this delicious partnership happen? Barnes & Noble College posted an article on our blog, The College Juice, that Ben & Jerry’s had created a new ice cream flavor in honor of Late Night’s Jimmy Fallon – called Late Night Snack. The people at Ben & Jerry’s saw the post and liked it so much that they tweeted about it on Twitter. With that, the dialog began, which opened the door to this refreshing promotion on 20 of our campuses.

In addition to dishing out a delicious treat, the ice cream creators dished out an important message – proceeds from the sales of Fallon’s flavor will benefit Fair Trade Universities – schools that sell fair trade foods and apparel. Fair trade supports fair wages, a safe work environment, sustainability for the land, and community development for farming communities. As a member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), Barnes & Noble College is proud to support Ben & Jerry’s commitment to make ice cream with fair trade ingredients.

Fair Trade Certified Flavors

Ben & Jerry’s opened its very first scoop shop in 1978 in a dilapidated gas station in Burlington, Vermont. Over 30 years and a lot of scoops later, they’re still making the “best possible ice cream in the nicest possible way.” Our students not only love the great flavors, but they love Ben & Jerry’s commitment to the environment and to fair trade. In February 2010, Ben & Jerry’s pledged to convert its product line to Fair Trade certified by 2013.

“Fair Trade is about making sure people get their fair share of the pie,” said Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder, Jerry Greenfield. “The whole concept of fair trade goes to the heart of our values and the sense of right and wrong.”

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